Attention Massachusetts small business owners and managers, 

Would you exchange 15 minutes of your time to learn how your small business can double its profit so you can “fund your perfect life?”

Every business in the State of Massachusetts is entitled to 100% tuition reimbursement of up to $20,000 per year for approved courses through this little-known grant program.  The below 4 courses are approved by the grant and can show you how to implement 10 globally proven advertising strategies, 4 lead generation strategies, 3 of the most common lead generation mistakes and 15 ways to destroy your competition!


Learn how to implement these strategies below!

Course One: Supercharge your business! Create advertising in minutes that’s better than the pros! Course #1140902.

  • Course Description: 
    How would it feel if every advertisement you create generated the maximum income possible? This course will teach ownership and management globally proven advertising strategies behind competition-crushing marketing. One of the most talented marketing minds on the planet will teach many globally proven advertising secrets via webinar and then analyze many ads to expose the lead generation magic. Then in our LIVE ONLINE SESSIONS, we will deep dive each strategy and mastermind how to create ads for your individual business that can help you out-market and outsell your competition. WARNING, you’re probably going to need an umbrella, because when you master these advertising secrets it might just RAIN like in a hurricane!

Course Two: Supercharge your business! Master these 4 strategies to generate huge profits!    Course ID:  1140922

  • Course Description: My global business coaching association analyzed thousands of struggling businesses and found that they all needed these four competition crushing strategies to create uber profitability! One of the most talented marketing minds on the planet will teach each strategy via a powerful webinar. Then in our live online session we will deep dive and mastermind how to implement each into your business. Classes are: Market Dominating Position, Marketing products or services, Create and implement a content marketing plan and Create a Drip campaign that will skyrocket your revenue and profits. Save time. Secure your grant reimbursement approval for all four “Does business stink?” courses together! Attendance is very limited. Secure your seat now!

Course Three: Supercharge your business! How to create a FREE perpetual lead generation machine!  Course #:  1140923 

  • The purpose of business is for the owner and employees to fund perfect lives but without a constant flow of new leads the business will ultimately fail. Afford your perfect life by creating a perpetual lead generation machine. One of the most talented marketing minds on the planet will cover: 1. Write copy better than the pros. 2. Set up a passive referral system. 3. Set up a proactive referral system. 4. Implement a lucrative neighborhood referral program. Then in our live online sessions we will deep dive each and mastermind how to create a lead generation machine for your business. 

Course Four: Supercharge your business! Learn 3 lead generation mistakes and fifteen ways to destroy your competition!  Course # 1140924

  • Course Description: My global business coaching association analyzed thousands of businesses worldwide and outlined the three biggest lead generation mistakes and created fifteen key marketing components that will destroy your competition! Think of the profit you can create by avoiding the most common errors and easily implementing proven strategies. Watch in amazement as one of the most talented marketing minds on the planet explains the four courses: Three biggest lead generation mistakes and 5 key marketing components parts 1,2 and 3. Then in the live online sessions, we will deep dive each and mastermind how learning these crucial concepts can create amazing financial results. Attendance is extremely limited. Secure your approval and reserve your seat now! 

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About Your Host

Garrett Stagg. CEO of Eighty Twenty Business Coaching, author of the three above business profit generation books and trainer of the four courses!


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In order to qualify for a tuition reimbursement, you must be pre-approved by the grant program 21 days in advance of the first class. Qualifications are listed on the grant website.  Courses are offered on a rotating schedule. If your business is in Massachusetts and you are not approved by the grant program, I offer an unconditional 100% tuition reimbursement guarantee where I will cancel your reservation and return 100% of your tuition!